Save a copy of a table in all nodes

Is it possible to save a copy of a table currently in my db across all nodes? Are there any benefits to doing so?



Thank you!


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    You can created replicated(unsgemented projection) for this table in order to achieve this.


    For your information this can be achieved only and DBD  recommends that a projection be replicated if any one of the following is true:


    Condition 1: largest-row-count < 1,000000 and number of rows in the table <= 10% of largest-row-count.
    Condition 2: largest-row-count >= 10,000,000 and number of rows in the table <= 1% of largest-row-count.
    Condition 3: The number of rows in the table <= 100,000.


    Replication provided below advantages:

    => Distributed query execution across multiple nodes.

    => High availability and recovery. In a K-safe database, replicated projections serve as buddy projections.This means that a replicated projection on any node can be used for recovery.


    I hope this answers your question.




    Rahul Choudhary

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