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Hi All,


I have some questions about the Vertica licenses.


I want to use Vertica as a backend for analytical queries and I want each of my clients to have separate DB. Each clients DB will be around 100Gb.


When I downloaded the Community edition for my tests, I received a call from HP and they told me that Vertica is free if I have less than 500Gb of data in it. When I install Vertica I read the EULA  and it seem to me that it stated that I can't use Community Edition as a backend to sell service to my customer and I can't have more than one Vertica cluster running. I didn't copy the EULA and I'm not able to find it again...


Can someone told me if I can use CE for my use case or if should call a HP representative to have details about different licenses?




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     I guess you can use CE on 3 nodes for your project.

    You won't get support for Vertica, and also you will miss on some Vertica fuctionalities. 

    My sudgestion is start using it on the CE license(1TB of RAW data in/ unlimited data size in"you can replicate the data as many times as you wnat once data is loaded." - how cool is that - Also no extra license for DEV and QA) and get the feel of it !

    Once you have proven your boss that Vertica made the diference then you can go ahead and purchease the real license.

     Also use the HP Vertica team for any support for your Vertica implementation even as POC , i am sure will be charge for their time and with no doubt their good practices and already experienced scenarios would greatly make your Vertica enviroment "Simply Fast".

     That was some good marketing text !!!! hahahaha

    P.S. - i don`t work for HP. :) , i just like Vertica 

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