can I load a file with escape as including several chars?

ERROR 2737:  COPY ESCAPE must be a single character


I'm using  DELIMITER  ',' ENCLOSED BY  '"'  ESCAPE AS '\"'  NULL AS '\N'    while loading and several records got rejected coz it has a field which contains multiple  \"  within.



ex: "aaaaaaaa","bbbbbbb","cccccccc","dddddd","1","","","2045-07-01 05:02:03",,"{\cccccccccc\":0,\ccccccc\":2,\cccccccccc\":5,\ddddddd\":0}"



The last field in this record has  \ and \"  in it.

I've tried  ESCAPE AS '\"'   ,  ESCAPE AS '\'  ,  ESCAPE AS '\\"' but no go.

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