Vertica cluster doublts




I'm trying to create a cluster vertica, but when an perform the commnad to add hosts I receive this error message



[dbadmin@srvopsavertica01 sbin]$ sudo ./update_vertica --add-hosts srvopsavertica02 --rpm /home/dbadmin/vertica/vertica-7.1.1-0.x86_64.RHEL5.rpm
Vertica Analytic Database 7.1.1-0 Installation Tool

>> Validating options...

Mapping hostnames in --add-hosts (-A) to addresses...
srvopsavertica02 =>
Error: Existing single-node localhost (loopback) cluster cannot be expanded
Hint: Move cluster to external address first. See online documentation.
Installation FAILED with errors.

Installation stopped before any changes were made.




Some one knowns what am I doing wrong?


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     The message is self-explanatory.

    You cannot extend a single node installation if you have installed it using localhost instead of your ip address of host name.

     Work around for this would be to reinstall your single node cluster using an ip address of a hostname.

     Also if you are adding a node to a single-node installation, then you must shut down both the database and spread or you will get an error.


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