Vertica Node crashed - help :(



We have 10-node Vertica cluster.
One of the node crashed and I'm not able to figure out the root cause. Anyone can help please.
Attached the ErrorReport.txt and the vertica.log (the crash was at 09:45:28.030 line 6139) from the problematic node.


Your help please


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    Do you have support account? You should open a support ticket to help you to determine the error. Vertica "Panic" and that should had not happened. Support could help you to debug it.


    Did it crash just one node or all of them?


    Is it reproducible? If you run the query again, does crash the node again?  the query that caused the Panic is the one that you label +label(GetConsoleDashBoardByVideoOutput). Parsed has 334 lines.


    Let us know,


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    Thank you for your answer,


    I'm with Vertica to update my account so I open case with my problem.


    Just one nude crashed (3 times in the last 3 weeks ): ), but Vertica stayed up because we are in K-safety 1.

    I checked the Vertica log in each crash, and every time there was other query that ran before the nude crashed.


    Our Vertica environment is behind load balancer (our load balancer, not the Vertica load balancer), currently we have only one node behind the load balancer.

    I notice that only this node (the one who behind the LB) is crashing … :(




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