Cany anyone suggest what this means?

I have had the task of supporting the deployment of an Analytics platform but have had no input into the installation and deployment of the components. A DBA is trying to deploy what he tells me is a policy and has an error I am somehow supposed to sort out for him. The error message reads:


(PMD947) Version '0001.0002' of policy 'Cat2-Vertica-ActiveEvents.log' requires at least version '11.14.14' of package 'Operations-agent'. This package is not yet installed on the managed node. Please deploy this package to the node (or install it manyally) before this policy is deployed (because the automatic agent deployment feature is disabled on the server).


This means nothing to me and I cannot find any of what would appear to be the relevant phrases in either the Vertica documentation or in any of the Tableau documents I have. Can anyone suggest where I even start looking for the package and how it can be deployed?


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