Meaning of network data in system bottlenecks screen



I am running Vertica and MC.

The "system bottlenecks" tab of the activity screen in the MC says that network Tx/Rx goes even higher than 100%.


At the same time, my network monitoring tool (collectl) says I am using 160 MB/sec, on a 10GB network.

If I try to add on this network a file transfer, overal traiic can go up to 300 MB/sec.


So why Vertica MC is telling me my network is used at more than 100% ??

Is the MC assuming my network is 1GB, instead of 10 GB ...?


Thanks for helping



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    Hi Luc_Lecocq,


    Looking at the query used, it does look like the MC assumes 100% network utilization as 1 gigabit per sec. 



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    Thanks Chris,


    Any chance this is going to be fixed ?

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    There is always a chance :)

    The team and I will evaluate the best way to present this information given variable network bandwidths. 




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