What's mean message Node State Change?



I've seen a lot of messages "Node State Change" in MC Message Center. What is mean the message and whу it's critical on MC classification?




  • Hi Igor, 


    What version of Vertica are you using? There has been a fix in a previous version that reduces the amount of messages that get generated.


    These messages get generated in Vertica everytime the state of one of your nodes changes, and then sent over to the MC. It's in the MC to help you track the progress of initializing your node, or to alert you to any unexpected state changes (the node going critical, for instance). Whether the alerts themselves need to be labeled as 'critical' in the MC can be reevaluated. 




  • Hi Chris,


    Thanks to your information. We've used Vertica v7.0.1-0. Is it critical?



  • In that version, you will see way more node state changes than actually occur. This is resolved in Vertica 7.1.2 

  • Thanks!

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