Unable to Use/Create R UDFs

Hi Everyone!


We noticed that one of our previously working demos stopped working. We have a couple UDTFs written in R in our Vertica cluster. Let me elaborate a bit so you can understand what we found.


When attempting to execute previously installed UDFs we got this error (there was no related dbLog entry, but I don’t know if there is more than 1 log directory)


[Vertica][VJDBC](2858) ERROR: Could not find function definition [SQL State=VP001, DB Errorcode=2858]


However, the function was listed in the following query, so the "missing definition" should not be the case.


SELECT function_name, procedure_type, function_return_type, function_argument_type, function_definition FROM USER_FUNCTIONS;



After searching unsuccesfully for more information, we decided to rewrite the UDF by reloading the same .R file as library and recreate the UDTFs with the appropiate statements. However, that gave us another error


vsql:trainingUDF.sql:5: ROLLBACK 2929:  Couldn't create new UDx side process, failed to get UDx side process info from zygote: Broken pipe


And in the appropriate dbLog entry we found this line


/opt/vertica/bin/vertica-udx-R: error while loading shared libraries: libRcpp.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Do you have any idea as to what might have caused this? Or how to solve it? We are not sure if the error happened due to a server power down (last month) or due to an OS monthly update.



Thank you for your time and response

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