Query performance issue on upgrade from 6.0.3 - (7.0.2) - 7.1.2



I was looking for any suggestions on a performance issue I'm having post-upgrade, I'm new to Vertica and this is the first upgrade I've done, which seemed to go very smoothly however I've since found that there is a huge performance issue with an existing load script as follows:


I copied my existing db to a new server and tested some shell scripts that load data into the tables using vsql, then upgraded to 7.1.2 (via 7.0.2).


The old server and the new server both loaded data daily in around 20-30 minutes (same existing and new data being loaded), after the upgrade however the load takes 2 hours longer on the new server.


I've just traced the issue back to the upgrade and wondered if there were any significant differences in the versions that would explain this slow-down.


I haven't investigated anything other than Vertica versions as the db's were identical prior to the upgrade and the loading script and data are identical.  I'm new to vertica, any help much appreciated.




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