User cannot access its own home directory

When I installed the Vertica, at the begining, it will start the Creating and Validating process of user. Then an error was thrown:


Provided DB Admin account details: user = dbadmin, group = verticadba, home = /home/dbadmin
Creating group... Adding group
Validating group... Okay
Creating user... Adding user, Setting credentials
Validating user...
Fail : User cannot access its own home directory
Hint : Check ownership and permissions of parents of /home/dbadmin

Unable to create or verify DB Admin user/group on some hosts.
See above for details.


I have no idea about this, please give me some advice...to fix it.




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    This process must be run as the root user.

    Check that you can write on the /home directory.

    Try to create the dbadmin user & verticadba group before you run the install process.


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