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Im trying to connect to vertica 7.1.2 in a test ubuntu 14 virtual machine, i created a table and uploaded a csv with the csvparser it works ok, but im not able to connect using jdbc (i downloaded the file vertica-jdbc-7.1.2-0.jar)  neither from custom java code or using dbvisualizer , in both clients i got the error on connection test 

Java Code: Connection attempt failed: [Vertica][VJDBC](100024) IOException while communicating with server: java.net.SocketException: Connection reset



Long Message:
[Vertica][VJDBC](100024) IOException while communicating with server: java.net.SocketException: Connection reset
   Type: java.sql.SQLRecoverableException
   Error Code: 100024
   SQL State: 08S01


Tx in advance for any help


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    also, I can see this error in vertica.log  Poll dispatch:0x9b34bb0 [Dist] <INFO> Non-Vertica connection from rejected, closing fd 15

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    Hi, we are evaluating vertica to take a desition, but we are stuck with this jdbc connectivity only able to test using vsql , is there any speciall fee or support rate so we can get a response and finish to test this product


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    It sounds like you're hitting a timeout in a firewall or other component between your client and the database.


    The keepalive feature in dbvisualizer should help you at least keep the dbviz client connected.







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    Hi Sharon


    Thank you for your answer, regarding 


    "It sounds like you're hitting a timeout in a firewall or other component between your client and the database."

    i initially though this too, but i installed both mysql 5.5 and standard postgres 9.3 and is working correctly , also i checked the proxy and iptables status and both are disabled, the checked the db visualizer parameter you mentiones but its seems this paramter works once the connection has been stablished, i cant connect, only ping the vertica database, i have attached the image, the problem is not reduced to db visualizer im using the same driver from the bi pentaho connection manager and throws the same error, i read somewhere that the jdbc is working in vertica 7.0 can we have a linnk to this version or to another driver.( or maybe its because im using a virtual box ubuntu 14 machine?)


    Thanks in advance 


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    Hi ,

     Take a look at this post on vertica-forums where Jim Knicely is giving a solution to a problem similar to yours.





    - hope this will help. 

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    Hi Adrian


    Thanks for takign time to write a response, sadly i tried all this before, before writing in this forum a tried all the existing solutions and in all the forums and blogs, if  you look closely this specific error [Vertica][VJDBC](100024) IOException while communicating with server: java.net.SocketException: Connection reset  has not  precedents in any existing forum, the more near is a broke pipe error in a post,  the both links you mentioned are assuming you are succesfully connected and then something fails after x time (2 hours,5 hours etc), this are standard jdbc problems ive seen all my life, in this case i can even connect, is there any posibility to have the vertica 7.0.x version, ive read the jdbc works ok there, my last bet is to use your vmware virtual machine and test jdbc



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    I have the same problem. Have You solved this problem? Thank you.

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    There are several possible causes.

    The other end has deliberately reset the connection. It is rare, and generally incorrect, for application software to do this, but it is not unknown for commercial software.

    More commonly, it is caused by writing to a connection that the other end has already closed normally. In other words an application protocol error.

    It can also be caused by closing a socket when there is unread data in the socket receive buffer.

    In Windows, ‘software caused connection abort’, which is not the same as ‘connection reset’, is caused by network problems sending from your end. There’s a Microsoft knowledge base article about this.

    More about….Socket Programming

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