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Closing user sessions in Vertica



I'm trying to set up a cronjob for closing user sessions in vertica. I'm using following query to close the sessions.


SELECT * FROM sessions s
WHERE s.login_timestamp <= timestampadd(hour, -3, sysdate)
AND s.current_statement = ''


I run close_session for the session ids fetched from above.


I want to ensure that I dont delete any internal session. I see that in vertica documentation, client_hostname or user_name will be NULL for internal sessions but I do see some system related queries which have NON NULL values for client_hostname or user_name in SESSIONS table. I'm little confused over here. Could someone please explain why these internal sessions (mostly SELECT queries) have non-NULL values in these columns?


  • The Session table has only user sessions. The vs_sessions have also the internal sessions, so if you use the session table you should be just fine.


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