No more user queries in MC



I would like to know what could be the casue of the following problem:

Until recently, the activity screen of the MC used to show the information related to the various queries sent from my Java application.

But today, it only displays the queries typed from vsql, and the system queries, and strictly nothing about those sent by my apps.


Any idea what could be causing this ?


Thanks for helping


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    Some more info:

    From vsql, when I look in the sessions table:

    select client_hostname,session_id,transaction_start,last_statement_duration_us/1000000,last_statement from sessions where client_label like 'jdbc%' and last_statement like '%SELECT%';


    I get the last SELECT statement executed, which does NOT appear in the activity screen.


    Then, if I type this statement directly in VSQL, its execution is correctly reported in the activity screen.

    So there must be something in the initial statement execution that prevents the MC to report it, but what ...?

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    Hi Luc_Lecocq, 


    Can you share which chart/report/screen in the Actvity tab you're seeing this in? 

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    I attached a dump of this activity screen for last night, I was running queries every 10mn, taking about 10 sec each.

    As you can see, strictly no user queries appears, only system queries.


    And today, around 15PM, I am seeing againg my user queries, without any particular changes !!

    Right now, I have to suspend everything on this cluster for testing purpose, will keep you informed if this occur again.

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