Vsql Output in .xlsx



Can any one help me what is the sentx to get data in .xlsx format thru vql.




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     Why don`t you create an ODBC connection to your Vertica database and then connect form Excel to your db ! 

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    I need to create a cron job (In Linux) and send that output to users.



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    Here is some idea that might work for you.

    - export the content of the data into csv format, any separetor would work.

    - here i use | , the trick is the "sep=|"  (it tell what is your delimiter)make sure you have this as the first line of the file, so when they open it in excel all should be aligned. 

    vsql -U dbadmin -w password -F $'|' -At -c "SELECT * FROM table_name"  > '/tmp/bla.csv'
    sed -i '1s/^/sep=|\n/' /tmp/bla.csv

    The sed command will add the delimiter as the first line in the file.



     This should do the trick :).


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    Wow Superb!..

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     Happy to hear this helped :)

    You might wanna cleanup the last row of the files since is going to show the number of rows.

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