Got Internal Optimizer Error (11) on few Tables in our production environment


Detail Error Message


INTERNAL: Internal Optimizer Error (11)
DETAIL: chunkStores.count(columns->at(j))
HINT: Please report this error to Vertica; try restating your query;
Error while executing the query


Vertica Engineers advised us to insert the information from the

Corrupt table into another temp table ( select into my_table_backup select * from my_table )

Once this is done rename the orignal table (my_table to my_table_new)   and rename the backup table to original table  (my_table_backup to my_table).


This resolved our issue for few tables


  • If this does not work check projections on the table and try to create table from Projection


    select projection_name from projections where anchor_table_name ilike 'table_name';

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