Data lineage / Impact Analysis

I am looking into potential Data Lineage/Impact analysis tools/solutions. Currently the full solution includes a vertica database, an oracle database, SSRS reports / SSIS. Over time, the solution will transition into a full vertica database. We have hundreds of views that build on the core data and do calculations and logic through SQL. We then use the data in those views to create SSRS reports. This allows the reports to have consistent data.


We need a tool that we can ask "What if we change this view/report/table/column, what other reports/views/tables/columns" will be effected?


We found a tool called dlineage (http://demo.dlineage.com/) which appears to meet our full requirements, but it is quite expensive. We would be happy with something that was barebones, no pictures, but would just allow us to get the information we need. The solution does not have to be a full package, just something that gets us the info we need :)





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