how to clear or delete adminTools-dbadmin.log and uiMgr-dbadmin.log

I was wondering if there was a proper way to clear adminTools-dbadmin.log and uiMgr-dbadmin.log ?

I'm new to Vertica and I noticed that log files growing is very fast and I didn't find a proper way to clear them.


I'm going to create a script such below scheduled in user crontab:

echo -n '' > adminTools-dbadmin.log

echo -n '' > uiMgr-dbadmin.log


- adminTools-dbadmin.log is logging many rows per sec like this:

Nov 5 07:10:26 [29120] [adminCtrl.showClusterState] All nodes in db datbpedb are in state UP
Nov 5 07:10:26 [29120] [SSH.checkDatabaseState] dbName=None, port=5433, nodemap={'v_datbpedb_node000X': '192.168.XX.XXX'}
Nov 5 07:10:26 [29120] [SSH.checkDatabaseState] vsql_cmd = /opt/vertica/bin/vsql --no-vsqlrc -n -p 5433 -h '192.168.XX.XXX'
Nov 5 07:10:26 [29120] [SSH.checkDatabaseState] vsql return code = 2


- uiMgr-dbadmin.log is logging many rows per sec like this:

UIRequest: infoBox(' DB ______| Host | State \n----------+------+-------\n datbpedb_| ALL__| UP____\n',)
UIRequest: showMenu(vertica.ui.Navigator.Navigator Instance, 'main')
UIResponse: (0, '1')


Thank you in advance



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