Unable to copy data from hdfs to vertica using hdfs connector(kerberos secured)

Hi Vertica community,


Problem statement : I have been trying to copy some data from HDFS to a Vertica table using HDFS connector through a JDBC client. At the step where Vertica sends a call to the WebHDFS url i'm getting the below shown error :


07:21:41.639 [C++-pprdivtc1n309.corp.-33262:0xb7a4da-2687]  0x7fb1ef8c9700 [UserMessage] [HDFS UDL INFO|src/Glob.cpp,350]: Error occurs in Glob::opendir: Last error message before give up: Failed to obtain user group information: java.io.IOException: Usernames not matched: name=my_user != expected=my_user_new. http response code 403. The URL: 


If I execute the same query from vsql shell it qorks just fine(I'm printing the COPY query being used at the console for debuggin). Also, I am able to curl the same WebHDFS url from vertica hosts successfully.


If I use the same client with some other user it works perfectly fine.


Any help in this regard would be really helpful. Many thanks!

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