I am using LoadRunner v12.50 for a web application. The script is not being generated for recording though recording is shown and the count also increase for each process. Its a trial version. Please suggest me a good solution for the issue.


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    Remya, this is not exactly the best place to look for help on Loadrunner as this is the Vertica forum.  However, I have used Loadrunner in the past against SharePoint deployments, and I have experienced the issue you are describing.  In my case the root cause of the issue that the version of Internet Explorer I was using was not supported by Loadrunner yet.  You might want to try using an older OS, or version of IE to record your script.



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    Thank u sir.
    But the issue is related with recrdng of HTTPS sites.
    Also cud u plz provide with d link where I cud get solution for these types of issues related to loadrunner
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    Here is the link the LoadRunner Support Forum - http://community.hpe.com/t5/LoadRunner-Support-Forum/bd-p/sws-LoadRunner_SF


    Should have lead with that!  Good luck!

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