Set Defualt Maximum Rows for Export

I am more of a Vertica database user than admin, so I'm not even sure if what I'm asking is absurd, but here goes nothing...


(1) Could I, as an admin, put default restrictions on the number of rows that can be exported per export query? I would like to make sure most users can only export a certain number of rows at a time, and that they cannot change the setting which prevents a massive export. I realize there would probably be ways around this restriction, like looping and pulling smaller sections of a larger dataset incrementally. (2) Would there also be a way to catch that kind of activity?


An answer to question (1) would suffice, but I would appreciate any input on question (2), as well.




  • You can create views using LIMIT and give those view names to the end users or if you're using a development tool such as DBVisualizer, you can set the number of records to limit.


    As always, query labels allow for easy tracking of any requests.

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