the partition in the main table in my  system structured from a date. (daily)

i am popualting into the table 300,000,000 records each day.

my questions is if to change the partition to a week instead of a day.

(i need to keep 6 month of data in this table)

i read documention regarding parttions and still wondering if it's going to improve the queries 


please advice




  • If I was keeping 6 months of data, I would rather have 26 partitions than 183. Simply because if a query needs all 6 months of data, you'd potentially need all 183 partitions to open.


    The piece of whether it will improve your query can be easily tested. The scenarios where it would give you gains in performance is with partition elimiation. The query would have to contain a predicate covering this column.


    Read more about the benefits, restrictions and performance of partitioning in my blog post.

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