HP Vertica Connectivity with IBM Infosphere Datastage



I was creating a proposal for one of the potential clients. The ETL tool currently being used by the client is IBM Infosphere Datastage which is a leading integration tool. I was looking at various forum on connectivity of HP Vertica with Data Stage; and found a few posts that specify odbc connectivity.


I believe odbc connectivity is always slower than jdbc and have several constraints attached. Is there any possibility of connecting using JDBC and do Vertica have any specific components for connectivity in IBM Infosphere Datastage.



Syed Asif Tanveer


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    I'm with the same team as OP is.

    Just to help others who havn't figured it out yet;


    • We can use JDBC connector stage in IBM DataStage 9.1.X onwards to connect to Vertica.
    • There is no native Vertica connector stage as of yet. (11.X)
    • To get started with Vertica JDBC, download updated driver from Vertica site. Driver Download
    • You need to setup some variables in order to get DataStage know about Vertica. Read this
    • Set the properties for JDBC stage accordingly. Few Properties in JDBC stage you need to ponder upon: Heap Size, Record Count and Transaction Size. 




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    siddyashsiddyash Vertica Employee Employee

    Here is the document that will help you connect Datastage to Vertica.

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