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Tableau Logs [Vertica][ODBC] (11430) Catalog name not supported.

I have been working on Tableau + vertica Solutions.


I have installed relevant vertica ODBC driver from Vertica provided packages .


While going thorugh connection customisations logs, I stumbled upon the error log from tableau tabprotosrv.txt log file as below :



"ts": "2015-12-16T21:42:41.568",
"pid": 51081,
"tid": "23d247",
"sev": "warn",
"req": "-",
"sess": "-",
"site": "{759FD0DA-A1AB-4092-AAD3-36DA0923D151}",
"user": "-",
"k": "database-error",
"v": {
"retcode-desc": "SQL_ERROR",
"retcode": -1,
"protocol": "7fc6730d6000",
"line": 2418,
"file": "/Volumes/build/builds/tableau-9-2/tableau-9-2.15.1201.0018/modules/connectors/tabmixins/main/db/ODBCProtocolImpl.cpp",
"error-records": [{
"error-record": 1,
"error-desc": "[Vertica][ODBC] (11430) Catalog name not supported.",
"sql-state": "HYC00",
"native-error": 11430

This piece of log is repeated several times .


Rest of the setup runs smooth as expected .

Can I get rid of this anyway ?


Thanks ,




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