Tableau Logs [Vertica][ODBC] (11430) Catalog name not supported.

I have been working on Tableau + vertica Solutions.


I have installed relevant vertica ODBC driver from Vertica provided packages .


While going thorugh connection customisations logs, I stumbled upon the error log from tableau tabprotosrv.txt log file as below :



"ts": "2015-12-16T21:42:41.568",
"pid": 51081,
"tid": "23d247",
"sev": "warn",
"req": "-",
"sess": "-",
"site": "{759FD0DA-A1AB-4092-AAD3-36DA0923D151}",
"user": "-",
"k": "database-error",
"v": {
"retcode-desc": "SQL_ERROR",
"retcode": -1,
"protocol": "7fc6730d6000",
"line": 2418,
"file": "/Volumes/build/builds/tableau-9-2/tableau-9-2.15.1201.0018/modules/connectors/tabmixins/main/db/ODBCProtocolImpl.cpp",
"error-records": [{
"error-record": 1,
"error-desc": "[Vertica][ODBC] (11430) Catalog name not supported.",
"sql-state": "HYC00",
"native-error": 11430

This piece of log is repeated several times .


Rest of the setup runs smooth as expected .

Can I get rid of this anyway ?


Thanks ,





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    sahil_kumarsahil_kumar Vertica Employee Employee

    Please check if you have, ThreePartNaming=1 in odbc.ini file

    Here is the explanation why-
    A boolean that controls how catalog names are interpreted by the driver. When false, the driver reports that catalog names are not supported. When catalog names are not supported, they cannot be used as a filter in database metadata API calls, and the driver returns NULL as the catalog name in all driver metadata results. When true, catalog names can be used as a filter in database metadata API calls and the driver will return the database name as the catalog name in metadata results. Some third party applications assume a certain catalog behavior, and do not work properly with the defaults. Enable this option if your client software expects to be able to get the catalog name from the database metadata

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