Export Objects Broke after installing HCATALOG

I am using vertica 7.2


I installed HCATALOG connector and it works successfully.


but after installing the HCATALOG connector if I do


vertica=> select export_objects('', 'entity.foo');

This command hangs. and if I do a control + c it says


^CCancel request sent
^CCancel request sent
ERROR 5915: Hcatalog webservices query canceled

but the export_objects has nothing to do with HCATALOG connector. Why did this command break after the installation?


I can resolve the problem by doing 


drop schema hcat;

But i want to use the hcat schema. I have a feeling that the export_object command is trying to look into the HCAT schema for objects to export. which seems like a bug. Why is the export object looking into HCAT schema when we are specificially specifying the object we want to export??


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