Max rows per file in COPY command



I am using COPY command to load 1 file with 27 million rows in it and i am getting an error [HY000] Unexpected protocol message: DataRow


when doing it on a file with 14 million rows there is no problem.


Is there a limit on the number of rows in a file?


  • Hi ,

    Their is no limit on the amount of the rows per file , you should provide more deatils about the content of the file  the method you using the COPY command , and your vertica setup , it may for getting more info about what you trying to do 



  • Hi!



    Limit of cause exist: number of rows per load - 2^63 = 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 rows


    >> Unexpected protocol message: DataRow

    Here is a problem. DataRow - is response message generated by SELECT, not by COPY.


    Can you provide more info?

    • db version
    • client (vsql/JDBC/ODBC/ADO/Tableu/...???)
    • file is locally or remotely
    • post your COPY statement please.
  • Hi


    1 Vertica 7.1.2-2

    2 .NET (ADO)

    3 Locally

    4 copy command sample:

    COPY DB.SCHEMA.TABLE (col1,col2,col3)
    \\' ENCLOSED BY '\"' DIRECT STREAM NAME 'StreamName'
    EXCEPTIONS 'C:\exceptions' REJECTED DATA 'C:\rejections' 


  • Did you try to run this copy command from vsql ? 

  • Hi!


    I think that DataRow comes here to describe a rejected row and fails. Have you successfully uploaded 14M of data(without any rejection)?


    BTW: your COPY statement is strange: exceptions+rejections and abort on error+no commit. Can you explain your logic? I can't get it.


    Disclaimer: Im not an expert in ADO(.NET) so maybe someone else can help you, but 99.9% problem in ADO.




  • Hi!


    I don't know why, but my replay deleted and I will not repost it :(


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