How to find the license file for the Community Edition !



I am using Vertica community edition. However, when I tried to create a database I got an error:


Info: no password specified, using none
Error: a database license has not been installed.
You must supply a valid license using the -l (--license) option.



Kindly note that I cannot use a GUI. I need to fix this problem using command line.


I appreciate your prompt response.






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    have u open admintools ? because it should asked for license agreement with first time and you should accept that then only you can create the database.






    Sumit Kumar

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    [root]# su - dbadmin -> login as dbadmin user

    [dbadmin]#admintools -> run admintools

    Choose Accept License in the window opened


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    Thank you for your replies. 


    I need to do this with command line, I do not have acces to GUI on my server!


    Any idea?




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    no need Access for GUI, all can be done from command line, what do you see when you just run "admintools" via dbadmin user ?

    try installing dialog (yum install dialog) if you can not see admintools screen,

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    As a part of the create_db command line ,you need to add the -l with a value of ce

    Eg. -l ce

    This will creare db with community lincensing.


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