S0151 error concerning Scheduler

Dear people,


I'm a first time user of the Vertica platform... or rather I hope I'm soon going to be, for the installation has not succeeded so far.


One of the errors I got is the S0151 error concerning the I/O scheduler. I've set the I/O schedulers of all my disks to NOOP, however, I also have a software raid, made through the MDADM proccess in Ubuntu. Conclusion I am running Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS with a boot disk and 3 disks that are in RAID0 (this will solely be a development server, after this I will start setting up multi-node installations).


The raid0 drive is called md127 and the mountpoint is /data, however during installation the md127 scheduler is perceived by the installation as none and all is fair and well because that is exactly what is inside /sys/block/md127/queue/scheduler. The problem however is, I have no clue how to get around this problem, because as far as I know only single disks can be set to NOOP through the cat /sys/block/deviceName/.... procedure, but setting the elevator to NOOP in /etc/default/grub has no result either, the scheduler for the raid array is still 'none'.


Does anybody know how to get this working? I've found nothing about this on the forums, nor anywhere else on the internet that suggested something other than what is written above or in the documentation for HP Vertica.


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    Nobody who has an idea about this problem?

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    1. You can skip this error during installation process, its Vertica installer problem, not yours, just add to end of installation options:


    --failure-threshold HINT

     2. You can open a ticket(if its so important for you).

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    Thanks! Just ignored the error, wasn't sure if it had fargoing implications. I reckon it doesn't however, mainly since it's a hint.

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