Copy Cluster + Incremental backup



We've updated our cluster (51Tb, 13 nodes) to version 7.2.1 and started copying it to another location, to almost identical empty cluster (same node names, different IP adresses).


Copying was implemented via VBR tool in copyCluster mode.

According to our estimation it will finish copying in 1 week (we launched it in friday, now it is tuesday, it copied ~60% of data).


Is it possible to use VBR tool to perform incremental copying of remaining data from old one to new one after main CopyCluster process will be finalized?


We estimate, that incremental week data is 2-3Tb in size. If it can be copied in one day, we can perform further synchronizaion of clusters on our own, via ETL tools.


Are there any recomendations and hints concerning this process? 


  • Vbr copycluster is designed to do incremental copies on subsequent copycluster operations. Make sure you have the hotfix 7.2.1-3 as there was a bug preventing incremental copies and it's now fixed.

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