is there a way to disable single object restore feature in vertica 7.2 ?


This may look like a bizarre request , but  i do have an use case for which it may be useful to have this option. 

We are taking backups and uploading them to Amazon S3. In version 7.2 there are hardlinks between the data folder and the Objects folder. This works well with the object restore feature ( perhaps). It does not work well when uploading to a non file system like S3 that does not have hardlinks and essentially storage doubles. 

We do keep a local hardlinks based copy , but i have been asked to reduce S3 footprint as well. 


To summarize, I am trying to reduce the backup footprint on storage systems that do not support hardlinks. 

Is there a way to accomplish that  ( perhaps via vbr.ini settings ) and still have a complete backup for full database restore purposes ? 




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