Required R functions do not exist in Vertica database



I installed the Vertica DB provide by OPSA, the guide states when you run opsa-vertica_2.31_setup.bin the following should be installed


After the installation completes, it includes the following:

  • Vertica is installed.
  • The opsadb database is created.

Note: The default username is dbadmin and the password is dbadmin.

  • The R Language Pack and MASS package is installed.
  • The Gamma distribution functions are created.


When doing the splunk to OPsA integration we are getting the below error


Required R functions do not exist in Vertica database


See screen shot




  • Hi

    Do you face any error during the vertica installing .?

  • nope, and already have bunch of collectors OMI, BPM, OMagents and SiteScope pushing data into Vertica.  Just no logger instance and we are using splunk not arcsight

  • SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Administrator



        Can you share vertica.log?? It is present in catalog directory



  • on the vertical server there is /opt/vertica/log/install.log 



  • HiTo validate that you have dx R install

    Run the below command in the Linux account hosting you vertica and send the output

    ps -ef|grep vertica-udx-R

    and share the output


  • $ ps -ef|grep vertica-udx
    dbadmin 18080 18076 0 2015 ? 00:13:25 /opt/vertica/bin/vertica-udx-zygote 12 11 18076 debug-log-off /opt/vertica/opsa_data/opsadb/v_opsadb_node0001_catalog/UDxLogs

  • Hi You run wrong command You need to run ps -ef|grep vertica-udx-R
  • Hi , In addition please send the output of rpm -qa|grep -i vertica Thanks
  •  ps -ef|grep vertica-udx-R
    root     31839 25188  0 18:02 pts/0    00:00:00 grep vertica-udx-R

  • Hi , In addition please send the output of rpm -qa|grep -i vertica Thanks

  • rpm -qa|grep -i vertica

  • Hello!! Faced same problem. Here is the solution which helped us:


    Operations Analytics Installation Guide - Chapter 3: Installing Operations Analytics - Page 24


    Install Vertica and use the R Language Pack from Vertica


    12. Run the following command to set the correct permissions:

    chmod 777 /home/

    13. Run the following command to switch to the dbadmin user: su - dbadmin

    14. From the /home directory, run the following command: ./

  • Hi ,



    I am also facing the same issue.


    [ bin]# rpm -qa|grep vertica*



    [bin]# ps -ef|grep vertica*
    dbadmin   5167     1  0 Mar17 ?        00:00:12 /opt/vertica/spread/sbin/spread -c /tmp/home/dbadmin/opsadb/v_opsadb_node0001_catalog/spread.conf
    dbadmin   5169     1  4 Mar17 ?        00:50:25 /opt/vertica/bin/vertica -D /tmp/home/dbadmin/opsadb/v_opsadb_node0001_catalog -C opsadb -n v_opsadb_node0001 -h -p 5433 -P 4803 -Y ipv4
    dbadmin   5173  5169  0 Mar17 ?        00:00:07 /opt/vertica/bin/vertica-udx-zygote 13 10 5169 debug-log-off /tmp/home/dbadmin/opsadb/v_opsadb_node0001_catalog/UDxLogs
    root      7034 28125  0 10:56 pts/0    00:00:00 grep vertica*
    dbadmin  22727     1  0 Mar16 ?        00:00:00 /bin/bash /opt/vertica/agent/ /opt/vertica/config/users/dbadmin/agent.conf
    dbadmin  22734 22727  0 Mar16 ?        00:09:26 /opt/vertica/oss/python/bin/python ./

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