Label not working

Hi when I tried to implement labels in my queries.

I started with testing a sample query to test the label.

To my surprise the label didnt work , I verified in query_profile table and query _request table.

I found the select query without label and query_profile column as blank.


pleas please help me how to resolve this...


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    Hi everyone,

    I just gave it a try in VSQL and it is working fine,

    but when I use squirrel sql client(Java based tool --jdbc connection) im unable to label a query.


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     Check the error_messages table looking for something like this 'Invalid character in hint%'

    select * from error_messages where message ilike  'Invalid character in hint%'


     It happened to me with connection coming from JDBC. 

    Note: -the hint identifier cannot start with a Integer.



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    Hi  Thanks for the reply, but I dont see any error in error_messages table and the query is executed fine without label in squirrel sql client ,when I same query is executed in vsql it was executed with label too.


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    Hi ,

    Its known issue with squirrel  , squirrel   don't have native plugin for vertica , we use the generic plugin  .

    You can try use dbeaver   , i think their you should be Ok .





    Thanks .

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