Copy from local to HP Vertica

In the document, it is saying “copy from local” can’t do parallel load. What does this really mean?

In the client side, can multithreads run "copy table1 from local fileName " at the same time? For example:

thread 1:  copy table1 from local fileName1

thread 2: copy table1 from local fileName2

thread 3: copy table1 from local filename3 


if above scenario is ok, does above strategy runs faster than one thread, for example:

thread1: copy table1 from local fileName1,fileName2,fileName3


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    From the documents:

    By default, the initiator node for a COPY statement using the default parser uses parallel parsing for each significant (1GB and over) load file. Parsing load files is a multi-threaded operation that start at different offsets in the file. In addition, you can create multiple parallel load streams, as this section describes. Creating parallel load streams can significantly increase performance and use resources more efficiently.

    Found here


    In my experience it's not a problem to import multiple files into the same tables. As long as you are not doing multiple copy statements on the same file simultaneously there shouldn't be any problems.

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