INTERNAL 3594: Internal Optimizer Error (11)

Hello guys,



Recently i encountered a bug while executing a SQL query with the pyodbc module for Python (2.7).




('VX001', '[VX001] INTERNAL 3594: Internal Optimizer Error (11)\nDETAIL: "PlanExprFixup: No mapping found" == 0\nHINT: Please report this error to Vertica; try restating your query\n (3594) (SQLExecDirectW)') DROP TABLE IF EXISTS buyers;



This message only occurs on 1 of my Vertica DB tables. I did not encounter this error on any other table. Things i have tried so far:


  • DELETING and CREATING the table
  • Stripping the SQL query from comments


None of them seem to be working so far. Anyone has a suggestion? I could not find alot of information regarding this bug. 


Vertica If anyone is wondering



Kind regards,


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    Hi Martijnz,


    If you are seeing the error then you may contact vertica support if you are a valid customer of vertica for information regarding the error and its fix. Alternatively, you may try a workaround using the following and run your query to see if it works before executing your query.


    vsql=> Alter session set DisableFlattenSubquery= 1;


    There is an open bug in vertica for the issue and should be fixed in 7.2 SP2(shipped with 7.2.2-0). If you are a valid customer of vertica then you will receive update regarding when the version will be released.


    If you are running vertica version before v7.2.0 then you may not see this issue at all. Hope this helps.



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