Installing Vertica on Non AWS Private Cloud VM

I am trying to install community edition of Vertica on a 3-node cluster on a private cloud VMs(Non AWS). I tried the following command:


./install_vertica --hosts node01,node02,node03 --rpm /home/user_a/install_files/vertica-7.2.1-0.x86_64.RHEL6.rpm

The machine that I am trying to install Vertica is of instance type m1.large. However, the installation scripts seems to detect the machine as AWS and fails with the message that it is an invalid instance type as shown below:


AWS Detected. Using AWS defaults.
AWS Default: --data-dir was not specified, using default: /vertica/data
AWS Default: --dba-user-password-disabled was not specified, disabling dba password by default while on AWS
AWS Default: --point-to-point was not specified, enabling point-to-point spread communication by default while on AWS

Error: m1.large is not a valid AWS instance type.
Hint: Valid types are: c4.4xlarge,c4.8xlarge,c3.4xlarge,c3.8xlarge,r3.4xlarge,r3.8xlarge,d2.4xlarge,d2.8xlarge,i2.4xlarge,i2.8xlarge.

Installation FAILED with errors.

Installation stopped before any changes were made.

I looked at the install_vertica options but couldn't find anything related AWS. Could someone recommend a way to fix this ?


Thank you.




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