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Hi all,

I have Vertica 10 nodes production environment on physical servers and I want to create DR environment at AWS.

I have created an environment in AWS (same as my physical environment) and started Copy Cluster from the physical environment to AWS environment and after it I want to run some POCT on AWS environment to see how it works compare to the physical environment.


physical servers (production environment): Vertica 7.1.1-10, 10 nodes, 40TB database size.
AWS environment: Vertica 7.2.1, r3.4xlarge 10 nodes cluster backed by EBS.


The tests that I thought to do:
- CPU processing speed test by Vcpuperf (https://my.vertica.com/docs/7.1.x/HTML/Content/Authoring/InstallationGuide/scripts/vcpuperf.htm)
- CopyCluster load time
- 10GB load time
- 5 queries select time and check there explain plan.

Does anyone have suggestions for more tests I can do?




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    Hi ,

    in AWS you need to make sure your DR environment able to provide the same IOPS and network latency  as your locale production environment provide .


    On top of your plan , make sure you also execute :

    • viopref 
    • vnetpref

    I hope you will find it useful



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