Vertica place - create a circle with 10km of radius

Hi, I'm dealing with Vertica place and differences between geography and geometry types.


I'm using ST_Buffer to build a circle around a geographycal point: 

ST_Buffer( g, d ) 

g can be only a geometry 

d is expressed in cartesian coordinate units, not in meter/kilometers


Anyone knows how to write ST_Buffer statemet to create a circle with a radius of 10km? 





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    Hi Vivan,


    As you pointed out, ST_Buffer does not support GEOGRAPHY data types. Is there a specific reason you are using GEOGRAPHY data over GEOMETRY? The reason I ask is because if you used the GEOMETRY data type instead of GEOGRAPHY you wouldn't lose a ton of accuracy with a 10km polygon. It might be worth considering. Especially if you are do computations on a small area, e.g. a city like Boston.


    Let me know if this works for you, or if you have any other questions.




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