array fetch size in JDBC connection to Vertica in Business objects 4.1 SP6

Hi Team,

we are using Vertica 7.1 as a reporting database in our Business objects 4.1 SP6.

we have created JDBC connection to connect to the vertica database. in one of the connection parameters (Array Fetch Size) we have given value as 500. But Business objects IDT objects are giving parse error saying that the value should be less than 5.

With this low value our reports are performing very bad,

is there any restriction of the value?

if not is there any parameters we need to tune to increase the size?

What is the recommended value


Thanks for your valuable inputs.



Krishna Rao


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    I have verified in the integration guide published, but there is no information about this topic


    HP Vertica Integration with SAP Business Objects:


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    HI Experts,

    Can i get your help in solving the issue. i cannot increase the array fetch size greater than 5 in Business objects 4.1 SP6 version using Vertica jdbc connection. the jdbc driver is (vertica-jdk5-6.1.2-0.jar)



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