<FATAL> {SessionRun} 57V03/5785: Cluster Status Request by

I see this message frequently in one of the nodes in a three-node 7.2.0-1 cluster. There don't appear to be any problems with any functionality, but I'd like to understand what might be causing it in order to resolve it. Most of the search hits returned have to do with catastrophic-type events like node or DB down. The closest hit was about the MC. Our MC is housed on a completely separate virtual from the DB cluster. Both the MC and the DB reside outside of an internal vault, so there shouldn't be any firewall rules getting in the way. (I verified this as well in the network logs.)


Since it is reporting the IP address on the private network, I thought testing SSH connectivity between all the hosts would prove of value. They all connected to each other in a trusted fashion. 


LOCATION: initSession, /scratch_a/release/30958/vbuild/vertica/Session/ClientSession.cpp:462
2016-02-15 15:50:57.082 Init Session:0x7fa02c011f80 <LOG> @v_lab_node0003: 00000/2705: Connection received: host= port=51067 (connCnt 3)
2016-02-15 15:50:57.082 Init Session:0x7fa02c011f80 <LOG> @v_lab_node0003: 00000/4540: Received SSL negotiation startup packet
2016-02-15 15:50:57.082 Init Session:0x7fa02c011f80 <LOG> @v_lab_node0003: 00000/4691: Sending SSL negotiation response 'N'
2016-02-15 15:50:57.083 Init Session:0x7fa02c011f80 <FATAL> @v_lab_node0003: {SessionRun} 57V03/5785: Cluster Status Request by


Any suggestions?


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    raulk89raulk89 Community Edition User

    I am having the same problem. Also present in 11.0.1


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