HP OBR - Vertica Username & password

Hello Guys,


NEed you Help!


I am installing HP OBR with custom deployment mode i.e Vertica on Linux, OBR & SAP BO on Windows 

As per instaaltion document, for vertica configurtion below command should be executed


$PMDB_HOME/bin/CreateVerticaDatabase.sh <VerticaDBUsername> <VerticaDBPassword> <VerticaDBFileLocation> <CatalogFileLocation>


Do i need to create user manually in vertica??







  • Hi!

         If you are using operations manager to remote deploy Vertica, one of the steps in the vertica installation will create the DBAdmin user.  You should be using this account to when creating the database.



  • Hello Chris, Thanks for your response, issue resoved after creating the user manually at OS level. Thanks SJAI

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