Unable to start Vertica

Hi All,


I installed Vertica 7.1 using OpsA package.


2016-02-24 11:03:58,042 INFO - Installed : package opsa_version 2.31.105 (HP OPSA version)
2016-02-24 11:03:58,042 INFO - Installed : package opsa_vertica 2.31.104 (opsa vertica)
2016-02-24 11:03:58,042 INFO - Successfully Completed


It was sucessfully installed and created user dbadmin.


I am not able to run admintools from root or dbadmin.


User dbadmin is not allowed to run adminTools. To enable access run install_vertica




Root user is not allowed to use this tool.
Try again as the DB administrative user.




Please help me to fix this issue.



  • Hi

    Please send the output of  the below command :


    rpm -qa|grep -i vertica 



  • Hi ,




    I was able to fix most of the issue.


    root had the ownership of vertica dir, which i changed to dbadmin.


    The opsa package should create db, but it didnt. I created the db manually and everything worked :)

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