Vertica File Format?

Are there any resources out there that explain how a Vertica ROS container is structured?  Something like this resource about how ORC files are structured in HDFS.




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          Can I ask what the intention is this information?  Accessing data directly from the ROS containers is really not advisable.  Let me see if I can find you a resource.



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    Really just for understanding and curiousity.  Every system I've worked with I learned about how writes happen at the file/block level and thought it'd be interesting to know.


    Thanks for the help!

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    Try to find "Materialization Strategies in the Vertica Analytic Database: Lessons Learned"

    It explains a lot. The Best Vertica archictural document I ever read!

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    Wow, thanks for that!  It was a very good read and very informational.


    I have a follow up question about container storage.  So I know data is stored in pairs of files per column, in multiple containers. But what determines the maximum number of tuples per container?  

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    Have you read about TP strata algorithm?

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    Hi ,
    Their is no such setting for max tuples per contener.


    The setting is on disk storage size level , meaning when container reach certain size threshold ,  vertica will no longer try to merge to it new data. at  this point vertica will create new container.

    This concept is implemented inside their internal strata algorithm
    I hope you will find it useful


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