Vertica exam details

Hi all,

i am planning to take vetica exam. can you suggest with few documention...






  • you have sample question ...if you have it...please forward it me...

  •  Focus on the main concepts of as your study guide ! 

    There are no pre-fixed questions ! 

    Read the documentation go over the forum, build your enviroments in a VBox play with it , load some data. 


    HP Vertica puts all of this in the comunity pages , all you need ot learn and use.


  • Thanks for the info
    Now i am trying to Integrating with Apache Kafka using Sandbox 7.2 (VBox play) as per the vertica document. but no luck...any suggestion



  •  What is the problem ? 

    Where do you get stuck ? 


    Kafka is not a bit trivial and Vertica is quite hard for a novice :)



  • i stuck with topic
    /opt/vertica/packages/kafka/bin/vkconfig topic --add --target public.kafka_tgt --rejection-table public.kafka_rej --topic messages --num-partitions 4
    i am getting this error  kafka_congfig.kafka_target tables doesn't exits...  as per the doc i have create the kafka_tgt table in public schema(
    CREATE FLEX TABLE public.kafka_tgt();)
    The following steps i followed..
    1)CREATE FLEX TABLE public.kafka_tgt();  --> worked

    2)/opt/vertica/packages/kafka/bin/vkconfig scheduler --add --config-schema myScheduler --operator dbadmin   --> worked

    3)/opt/vertica/packages/kafka/bin/vkconfig topic --add --target public.kafka_tgt --rejection-table public.kafka_rej --topic messages --num-partitions 4---> error 

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