Creating a databse takes no long time with no action/error !



I am starting a new cluster of 64 machines. Vertica is successfully installed. However, when I try to register my license using adminTools interactive command or by passing parameters, it takes very long time and never finished. 


This is the command I use:


admintools -t create_db -s $myHOSTS -d graphs -l vlicense.dat



Please note that it does not fail, but rather takes no long time with no action.






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    Try to use the Admintools GUI , amybe oyu will get sucess.


    Also what does the adminTools.log ,adminTools.errors have to say ?


    I do think it might be the license accept issue ! 


    So if this is the case try this command:

    admintools -t create_db -s $myHOSTS -d graphs -l vlicense.dat --accept-eula

    --accept-eula : Silently accepts the EULA agreement. On multi-node installations, the value is propagated throughout the cluster at the end of the installation, at the same time as the Administration Tools metadata.

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