Copy Cluster and then addition of 1 node Fails in Initialization



I have 1 node localhost based AWS Vertica cluster. I wanted to add 1 more node. As Vertica does not support addition of hosts to localhost cluster. I created an additional 2 node AWS Vertica cluster. Now I want to copy database from localhost based cluster to this cluster. I could not find any methods other than copyCluster. So I removed 1 host from the 2 node cluster. Copied the database. After copying everything was working fine. But when i added the 2nd node to it. My cluster is not able to restart. I am stuck here for the last 7 days. Please help.


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    Any errors in your logs ? 

    Give more info ?! 

    What is the startup.log saying ? 


    What is the point of having 2 nodes ? no HA in 2 nodes, use one or 3  for better desing and HA and performance.


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