what is the best partices adding the ENCODING

Hi All,

what is the best partices adding the ENCODING

a) while creating table?

b) while creating  projection.


which is best option and why it is best..




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    Hi ,
    I see two main practical  options :

    1. Create your table with its default projections , load it with data that reflect production data set and run DBD on top of it .

    2. Create your table including projections that fit your sort order and segmentation , load the data that reflect projection data sets and then run DESIGNER_DESIGN_PROJECTION_ENCODINGS API to rebuild your projection with the right encoding

    I hope you will find it useful
    Thanks .


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    1. Encoding type depends of data type. Recomended encoding for data types easy to find in oficial documentation

    2. Encoding gives great performance on where clause fields, join fields (especially in merge join if encoding type equals on both sides), sort fields and etc


    Predicates on columns whose data is encoded in certain formats, such as run-length encoding, can be applied directly on the encoded data, thus bypassing the overhead of decompression and reducing the quantity of

    data to be copied and processed.

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