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Migration from Oracle to Vertica

We are migrating from Oracle to Vertica. We have our business logic written in Pl/Sql today to process the data. Our Front end is C#.


What do you suggest for migration of the pl/sql code. Will that be External Procedures or User Defined Extenstions? I am newbie learning Vertica. I am open for suggestions.


Vertica is on Unix Server.


  • Hi ,

    I will advice to go with pure java or some 3part ETL process  , UDX will be bad choice   .


  • Thank you sir. I will research this Java perspective.

  • If let's say I have developed my entire business logic (pl/sql) code in Java, should I deploy that to Vertica as External Procedures? 


    I am not sure if Vertica accepts External Procedures written in Java. If it doesn't and if UDx is a bad choice, then I just need to write all my code 100% in Java and operate the DML based on a DB Connection to Vertica.

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