How to use Kafka scheduler outside of Vertica node?

I'd like to run the Kafka scheduler in the same machine of the application server, so that there's no impact on Vertica node, and it's easier for application user to manage and monitor it. So I want to know how to use Kafka scheduler outside of Vertica node?


I found the following words in the document.

Note: If you do not want the scheduler to use Vertica host resources, or if you want

to limit user access to the Vertica nodes, install the RPM on the host but do not

create a database.


But the RPM is too large including too many things other than the Kafka scheduler. Can the installation customized? So that we can install only the Kafka scheduler. 


  • Hi ,
    Their is no such custom installation , but Vertica SW is around 0.8G only .

    Anyway , as kafka scheduler is java process i think you can copy ( i do not test it and i don't recommend it )
    1) The content of /opt/vertica/packages/kafka
    2) The content of /opt/vertica/java/lib/
    3) You need JVM installed on your target machine



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