I want to export Sybase data to Vertica, that what is the fastest tool this work???



I want to  export Sybase data to Vertica


So, now I used pentaho... but


pentaho is too slow....because pentaho work in local, but My computer is not good.


then... What is the fastest tool in this work?????


plz help me...


  • SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Administrator



        Please go through the below URL which contains discussion on Sybase to Vertica Migration. It will be helpful






    Some pointers from that URL which will be helpful to you are


    ll these tools will require a JVM, so JVM should be configured properly too (at least memory&heap)


    • performance - not a best
    • best community,
    • documentation is very good
    • IMO: job flow  in Pentaho looks very complex and scary
    • Enterprise edition very expencive


    • performance  - medium(Ab Initio much more better :)
    • Job Flow looks much more cleaner
    • community - 6/10 (see note below)
    • documentation - 3/10

    Talend documentation is very poor, i think that Talend trying to create a dependency on their support. Community is also "blind" in many aspects.

    Clover ETL

    • performance - medium
    • Job Flows - are easy
    • can be embedded
    • very good documentation

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