HY000 5065 ERROR 5065: Too many ROS containers exist for the following projections

I'm using odbc on Linux to run an R program against one of my schemas.  I can read without issue, but saving the data back gives me this error:


Error in sqlSave(con, dat = final_expected, tablename = "ra_exp_cost") :
  [vRODBC] Failed exec in Update
HY000 5065 ERROR 5065:  Too many ROS containers exist for the following projections:
ra_exp_cost_super (limit = 91136, ROS files = 91136, DV files = 0, new files = 89)
HINT:  Please wait for the tuple mover to catch up.  Use 'select * from v_monitor.tuple_mover_operations;' to monitor
Execution halted
Warning message:
closing unused vRODBC handle 1


If I try this same program using JDBC it just hangs on the save.  This exact same program works without issue in our MySQL installation, but we are trying to migrate off MySQL into Vertica.


Also, this exact same program works in one of our customer's local Vertica installation, so I know this program works, just can't figure out why MY Vertica install is having issues.


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